Bully Prevention and Child Safety

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Kidini for Preschool - Pre-K - Kindergarten - Elementary Schools
Age range: ( 2 to 3 ) years old ( 3 to 5) years old ( 6 to 8 ) years old

Using a small group approach to child enrichment education, Kidini provides a class where your child can develop a strong ability by learning the concepts, language and curriculum of Karate, Dance, Fitness and Sports. The Kidini program is designed to prepare the young child who is eager for first experience with these activities, but is not yet ready for formal lessons at a traditional school.

Learning a foreign language or new words may sound difficult for a child but when your child says the traditional word with the corresponding technique, it evokes an easily retained memory. Using the activity language, the students will be prepared for traditional instruction in the school.

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“Helping parents and teachers educate children how to develop skills to prevent bullying and how to avoid and escape dangerous situations.”

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We offer quality, high-energy programs with principle instruction of Bully Prevention and Child Safety wrapped in fun activities of Karate, Dance, Fitness, Sports and other child activities. Our creative Kidini curriculum emphasizes escape skills as well as character development, which transcends the lesson itself.

The Kidini program combines FUN & FRIENDLY animal characters at Kidini Story Book & Music CD’s that have age-appropriate safety stories, lyrical music with choreographed dances.

Parent and teachers use the Kidini book to read aloud with the narrated lesson CD and music CD’s to sing along with children so they may learn together how to do the Kidini bully prevention child safety skills.

Kidini helps teachers, parents or guardians teach children awareness on how to avoid and escape dangerous situations and empower kids with self-confidence. These self-protective skills with age-appropriate fear management techniques help children foster the confidence to escape Tricky People (bullies, child predators.)

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Benefits Your Children Will Enjoy From Kidini’s Classes

Safety and Bully Prevention

They will learn about Tricky People and how to become part of the Kidini Team that knows how to avoid or escape from a bully or tricky person.

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Your child will obtain self-confidence by doing Kidini all by themselves and this learned self-respect will translate into respect for others.

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Fear Management

Most children may never have to escape or avoid a bully or tricky person, but they may wake up with the fear that it could happen to them.

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